Portable Ultrasound by Radiology of Greater New Haven

Offer your patients high-quality echocardiogram and carotid ultrasound studies in your own office, with Portable Ultrasound by Radiology of Greater New Haven. Our service is designed to help you to better serve your patients in need of diagnostic medical ultrasound, without referring them out of your practice. Portable Ultrasound by Radiology of Greater New Haven allows you to expand your practice capabilities without making a large financial investment towards expensive equipment or adding technicians and additional staff to your payroll.

Why Portable Ultrasound?

Radiology of Greater New Haven’s portable ultrasound service is designed to benefit both your patients and your practice. You can now offer your patients the convenience of having cardiac ultrasound studies done in your own office, while boosting your practice revenue.

Physicians choose portable ultrasound services by Radiology of Greater New Haven because:

  • Services are available by the day, week, month or bi-monthly in your office. We work with you and your schedule.
  • Convenience for your patients means no driving to an imaging center or other location for their cardiac ultrasound studies.
  • No waiting in lines or filling out additional paperwork. No delays in the ultrasound reports.
  • No cost to your practice to begin offering professional ultrasound service and no long-term contracts. You pay only for the service you and your patients need.

How We Work

Portable Ultrasound by Radiology of Greater New Haven is available when you need it. We offer flexible full and half day scheduling, allowing our licensed sonographers to perform up to 12 studies in your offices per day. Once the studies are performed they are read by our Radiologist and the reports are quickly sent back to your office.

Our Equipment

Radiology of Greater New Haven performs all mobile studies using an advanced portable ultrasound system by GE. This equipment features some of the most advanced imaging technology available in a compact, portable machine. TruScan architecture, Speckle Reduce Imaging and compound imaging allow our technicians to obtain precise, high-quality images in each study they perform.

Take the Next Step

If you’re a physician ready to offer your patients the convenience of CV ultrasound in your own office, contact Radiology of Greater New Haven by clicking here, or calling (203) 848-1708 today to learn more about how:

  • We work with you to ensure you can easily schedule services when you need them
  • You and your staff can quickly obtain accurate, high-quality reports
  • Patients will benefit from having their CV ultrasounds performed in your office
  • Your practice will benefit from decreased referrals and increased revenues